Ceramica Raffo


My first concern consists of procuring in ceramics a characteristic that calls for interaction, which approximates a real experience. I attempt to give to ceramics the properties that transmit complicity; as well as the creation of a perfect jewel. I believe that with ceramics it is possible to touch the same chords that motivate the sensitivity of the most current art form.
I disagree with those who think that spirit, ideas, transgression, militancy,  the vanguard, post modernism or any other characteristic of the contemporary arts, prefers to lodge itself in any one material or predetermined procedure; or that the necessity to modify reality according to a personal plan is found in any one type of technology or specific manifestation.
Three-dimensionalism aspires to approach the human experience in the purity of the imperfection and the scar. I favor reaction to my pieces with the use of forms rooted in visual memory where a previous definition can be found; to reframe all paradigms. I play with perceptive mechanisms, hindering them by means of diverse screens, or stimulating several of them simultaneously with sound and images in movement.
Purely in the visual aspect, it interests me to spontaneously obtain surfaces and colours, which approximate the ones created by nature. Reproducing the conditions and temperatures, mineral combinations and atmospheres in which the great diversity of natural petreous elements are formed.
In general, I have a considerably procedural attitude towards the visual arts; I prefer to leave to the co-creator (the spectator) the responsibility that corresponds to him/her, that it be he/she who proposes a premise from which to interact and to consume the artwork.
Finally I do not believe that esthetics is a solution, as Friedrich Schiller suggested, nor do I agree with Jean-Paul Sartre who declared that art is incapable of saving anything; the conceptual idea derivations are an individual alternative.


Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba, 1997.

Professor of the Experimental Studio in Ceramics at the Superior Art Institute of Havana (Instituto Superior de Arte). Teaches the course "Ceramic Stamp", where a fusion between graphic and ceramic techniques is realized.Founder of The Spiritual Clay Project, an activity which brings together the students and the professors in the promotion and practice of experimentation in contemporary ceramics. Completed a residency in Sculpture Residency by invitation of the University of Concordia, Montreal; 2004-2005. Currently lives and works in Kaslo, BC. Co-owner of CeramicA311, an architectural-ceramics business which fuses art and utility.

Personal exhibitions

2004- Open Studio. Visual Art Faculty, Concordia, Montreal.
2002- Ab Imo. "L" Gallery of the University of Havana.
1999- Persuing Impressions. National Museum of Contemporary Ceramics of Cuba.
1997- Between the Clock and the Bed. Academy of San Alejandro.

Main collective exhibitions

2005- DARE-DARE dépôt 3e édition. Montreal, Canada.
2004- 3-D. Pan-American Art Gallery. Dallas, Texas, USA.
2004- VII Biennial of Ceramics Amelia Pelaez. The White Room. Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi.
2003- Forest. VIII Biennial of Havana. National Museum of Ceramics.
2002- Second International Triennial of Ceramic Tile. Museum of Contemporany Ceramics, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2001- For a More Pure Environment. National Musuem of Ceramics. Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation of Nature and Man.
2001- Fayad Jamis. Cultural Exchange. UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico.
2000- Winter Salon. Center for Development of the Visual Arts.
2000- International Ceramics Studio. VII Biennial of Havana. National Museum of Ceramics.
1998- This Has No Name. Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art. Superior Art Institute.


2004- Second Prize for Ceramic Sculpture and Installations. VII Biennial of Ceramics Amelia Pelaez. Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi.
2002- First Prize in the Vessel Event. National Museum of Ceramics.
2001- First Prize for Sculpture and Installations. VI Biennial of Ceramics Amelia Pelaez. National Museum of Ceramics.
2000- National Council of Performing Arts Award. Winter Salon. Center for Development of the Visual Arts.
1998- Special Prize of the V Biennial of Ceramics Amelia Pelaez. National Museum of Ceramics.


National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics.
Universtiy of Havana.
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
Pan-American Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
Private. Toronto, Canada.
Private. Reston, Virginia.
Private. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Private. California, USA.